The best part of my life!!

This could be a universal question. All of your close one’s would ask you, if your school life was awesome or college life?

At times I wonder, why people don’t ask which part of your job is the best, day shift or night shift?
Then I realized, how can your job be the best part of your life?
We work to complete our needs.
Have you ever thought of mass bunking at work, as you did when you were in colllege?
No, then you would think about the EMI’s, Loans or your expenses!
We never thought of it while bunking college, just because we lived our present and never worried about the future. None of us thought about the future and sat tensed somewhere, unless they are declaring your results!
Why can’t we live carefree?
Why can’t we just listen to our heart?
This is life, you have to go through every phase of it!
So what you think, the best part of your life was?


Menstruation.. a Taboo!!

Menstrual cycle, PMS, Menstrual days, Periods or Chums, It is something that every woman has to go through every month.

5 days a month, 60 days a year!!

There isn’t anything to be ashamed of.. even now while you buy a pack of sanitary napkins, the drug stores wrap it in such a way, as if they are selling drugs!!

But why?

Is it RDX or some sort of explosive?

Menstruation is a Taboo in India, and I don’t think people are going to accept it, because most of the times it is the elderly women, who impose such restrictions in the family and to all women. Such as, womens don’t visit any holy places on their periods and believe me, there are temples in India, who place a board outside it stating “Women’s are not allowed in menstrual periods”

Even girls believe that they are impure, for these 5 days so they should not touch something which relates religiously.

Women make themselves as untouchables and make it feel disgust, how this can’t be a taboo then?

In India, 85% women’s still use dirty rags on thier menstrual days and 73% of women’s use it, because sanitary napkins are costlier. That means, 12% women in India, are still unaware of the unhygenic pattern of using rags. Most of us are not aware of the disadvantage, while chosing the unhygenic method. It could let to rashes, infections or it can also make you infertile. Let us spread this knowledge, to every single girl.

There are people like “Arunachalam Muruganantham”, who invented low cost sanitary pad making machines and he sells his machine to women who are interested for SHG (Self Help Group)

“Aditi Gupta” who created a comic book for children’s which educates them, on menstrual periods called “Menstrupedia Comic”.

So don’t be ashamed of it!!

Women do bleed.

It is just blood, no big deal.

It is neither a curse, nor a disease.. it is just a welcoming change in every girl’s life!!

Let’s break the taboo!!

I am hoping that atleast some people, could break this taboo by reading this blog!!


In today’s fast pace world, people forget the importance of giving importance to one another!!
Technology has changed our lives in such a manner that some people think, it’s a curse and some treat it as a blessing. But nowadays technology is so advanced that, it can also trace where you are and what all you did on that particular day or time. There was no whatsapp, facebook or we can say that we were not aware of all this in our school & college days, but now it has emerged in such a way, that it also shows you your importance, because if you text a person using any social media sites, either it would be whatsapp, facebook, instagram or anything, you can come to know that the other person has read your messages or not and still after reading those messages, the other person doesn’t respond to you and that shows your importance in that other person’s life and it is clearly visible that the other person you texted is not interested talking to you or responding you, because you are not that IMPORTANT to that other person.
So in a nutshell I feel like these social media and their resources also shows you your “Importance” and where you stand in life.

Why girls have to sacrifice!!

It is just a thought that came to my mind that according to Indian culture, the girl has to leave her home and stay at another home (husband’s home) after marriage.

Why is it necessary???

Why are girls forced to change their names and add their husband’s name to it???

Anyways she is leaving her home, her parents, her siblings, her friends and all her memories behind just for her husband.

Though it fascinates some girls to do all this but at times I literally think, why men are not asked to do these rituals after marriage…

Why always the girl has to sacrifice, being a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother.

Why can’t men do all this???

It is just a thought that crossed my mind because I feel like they go through a lot in this marriage process or even before that which we are not aware of.

Men always disparages women.

I think there is a male chauvinist in every man, thinking that all the female are inferior to men.

I just wrote this blog so that atleast some can think different n above their chauvinism and give them (women) equal respect.

I am not trying to change the world but atleast some people can think about it twice and there will be an equality between men & women.

I am over YOU!!

We feel so lonely when we break up with our partner, at that time every love song would be for us, every rain drops reminds us of her, but after some time they rarely hits our mind, because I have experienced that time heals everything, your sorrow, your pain, your loneliness. I did feel a lot of times, that all my feelings are dead now, friendship, relationships & all. They actually don’t mean anything to me anymore. It is just that you are close to the people who’s near you and around you. But then recently i got to know that she (my ex) got married and i was now happy for her and didn’t had a regret or pain that I used to have when we broke up. But yes, I can still say that somewhere in the corner of my heart she is still there, but the share for my ex now is too less because i am working hard for my career, and for my parents to be happy now and have no time to even think about all this, that is the reason i guess all the feelings in me are dead. Because..


Fake Around

It is just a thought that came into my mind because i have been observing my colleagues at work that, how people can express a fake smile to you every morning even if they hate you..

How they pretend that they are happy for your promotion even if they are jealous inside..

How people can bitch about you when you are not around & at the same time they would be the sweetest of all when you are physically present..

This happens not only in your offices or with your colleagues, but it also happens in your friend circle too.

Why can’t all of us be straight forward and let the person know that we hate them, though it should be privately said and in a very humble way.

Do you think will that create more problems??

Or it would become easier for all of us to deal with people??

I would love to hear your experiences and suggestions too. ☺

Should a Lady be worshipped or harrassed??

We live in a country were a goddess is worshipped and at the same time a girl is either being raped or harrassed. Every single person here judge girls, and at the same time if a guy does the same, then he would just be another so called Dude.

Are men still superior to woman??

I don’t think so, because now a lady, girl or a woman has equal rights to do whatever they like to, rather I must say WOMAN are superior to Men because they are an entrepreneur, they lead in sports, they are in top positions of MNC’s so I feel they are everywhere and they should be superior than Men. Never decide a Woman’s character by her clothes, her friend circle, if she’s late at night and if she is friendly, but still if you ever get a thought like this then just keep your mother or sister in that place and decide, will you still call her characterless??

So if a lady is drunk or if she is smoking or she’s wearing skirts, one piece or reaches home late etc, that doesn’t mean you can get her easily. She dresses up for herself, and just to look good so that’s not a fu#@ing invitation to anyone to misbehave with them. So for those bast@&#$ who says that you raped her just because she was wearing a skirt then girls should also rape men when they wear shorts & sandos. So fu#@ing change your mind and not their clothes.

I still feel that a lady is more powerful than anyone in this world because if she can give birth to a boy then she can do anything & everything she wants.

So do let me know your personal views on it, a GIRL should be worshipped or harrassed??